Transform Your Inventory Management with LiquorLens: The Future of Bar and Country Club Operations

Welcome to LiquorLens, your digital partner for precise and effortless alcohol inventory management.

Gone are the days of manual counts and paper logs. Our cutting-edge app revolutionizes the way bars and country clubs handle their inventory. With a simple scan, LiquorLens tracks and logs your liquor stocks accurately and instantly.

But that's not all. LiquorLens elevates your inventory management to a new level with automatic Excel integration. With just a few taps, your complete inventory data is organized into an intuitive and easily understandable Excel file. No more data entry errors or spreadsheet confusion; instead, you'll gain a clear, real-time view of your stock levels, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Our user-friendly interface provides a seamless experience, delivering real-time inventory updates and insightful analytics to guide your business decisions. Whether you're restocking the bar or analyzing consumption trends, LiquorLens is there to support you, making inventory control a breeze.

Welcome to the future of inventory management. Welcome to LiquorLens. It's time to see your inventory in a new light.

How to Use LiquorLens

Step One: Create an Account

  1. Register: Visit the LiquorLens Login Page and select "Register."
  2. Account Information: Fill out the required fields to create your account.
  3. Email Verification: Check your email for a verification link and click on it to complete the registration process.

Step Two: Activate Your Account

  1. Activation: Go to and activate your subscription. Note: Activation may take a few hours. For immediate activation, call +1 414-255-6034.

Step Three: Upload Your Spreadsheet

  1. Prepare Your Spreadsheet: Ensure that the first row of your spreadsheet clearly labels the columns for items and quantities. Avoid extra spaces in item names (e.g., use "Sprite" instead of "Sprite ").
  2. Download and Upload: Download the spreadsheet to your phone, where it will be stored in your Files app. In the LiquorLens app, select "Upload Report Template" from the side menu, then "Browse Report Template."
  3. Select Your Spreadsheet: From your Files app, choose your spreadsheet. Once selected, the app will display the column labels. For the item and quantity columns, click the "+" and set them as "Name Column" and "Quantity Column" respectively.

Step Four: Start Scanning

  1. Scanning Items: In the app, tap the barcode icon at the bottom of the screen and choose “scan barcode.” Point your camera at the item's barcode for automatic capture.
  2. Item Identification: The first time you scan an item, you'll be prompted to enter its name and quantity. Subsequent scans of the same item will require only quantity updates. To decrease quantity, enter a negative number.

Step Five: Run Report

Report Options: In the side menu, you have two report options:

  1. Report: Generates a spreadsheet listing barcode numbers, item names, and quantities.
  2. Report New: Creates a spreadsheet in the format of your uploaded one, with updated quantities.

Step Six: Clear Inventory

  1. Reset Quantities: When you need to reset all item quantities to zero before starting a new count, go to the side menu in the app.
  2. Select 'Clear Inventory': Choose the "Clear Inventory" option. This action will reset the quantities of all items to zero.
  3. Retain Item Records: While the quantities are cleared, the items themselves will remain in the system. They will continue to be automatically identified upon scanning.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this process is irreversible. Once you clear the inventory quantities, you cannot retrieve the previous numbers.


  • Correcting Item Names: To change the name of an item, go to the Inventory page, select the item, and click the pencil icon to edit its name.
  • Adding Items without Barcodes: On the Inventory page, click the “+” icon. Fill in the UPC (use any unique identifier), Title, and Quantity fields. Click "Update." To modify quantities later, find the item on the Inventory page and edit it.

If you can not find the answer to your question, call or text:

+1 414-255-6034